Saturday, June 11, 2011

Lamotrigine in pregnancy and absent major malformations

Cunningham MC et al.  Final results from 18 years of the Lamotrigine Pregnancy Registry.  Neurology 2011; 76: 1817-1823. 

1558 first trimester exposures occurred.  There were 35 infants (2.2 %) with major congenital malformations.  This is similar to population based cohorts.  However, the number was 10.7%ammmong the 150 exposed both to lamotrigine and valproate in the first trimester and 2.8 % in 430 patients exposed to lamotrigine polytherapy without valproate.  Among patients with first trimester monopharmacy with lamotrigine, there were 3 cases of anencephaly, all of which were electively terminated.

Postictal wandering localizes to temporal> extratemporal focus

Tai P. et al.  Postictal wandering (PIW) is common after temporal lobe seizures.  Neurology 2010; 74:11:924-931.

PIW occurs in 4 % of seizures, and 13 % of seizures of patients who experienced PIW (n=42 patients admitted to an epilepsy monitoring unit in Toronto.  It occurred in 9/20 with TLE and 2/22 with non TLE, and 18/186 temporal seizures, and 2/266 non temporal lobe seizures.

Literature tends to emphasize frontal seizures, contrary to these results, but may reflect selection bias of a different group. 

Cryptococcosis in non-immunosuppressed

Bestard J, Siddiqi ZA.  Cryptococcal meningoencephalitis in immunocompetent patients: changing trends in Canada.  Neurology 74:15 April 13, 2010 pp 1233-1234

Cryptococcus neoformans have 3 subtypes :  var grubii and var neoformans affect immunosuppressed, whereas CN var gatii affects non-immunosuppressed, especially males.  Its found in decaying heartwood of decaying tree species in tropics and also Vancouver Island, exclusively in British Columbia.