Monday, February 12, 2007

Paraneoplastic cerebellar degeneration antibodies

Anti Yo (PCA-1) ovarian and breast cancer; anti Tr antibodies -- Hodgkin's lymphoma; also for Hodgkin's lymphoma: Anti-mGluR1 and Anti Zic4 antibodies. Above are PREDOMINANTLY associated with PCD. SOMETIMES associated with PCD are anti VGCC (LEMS, small cell lung cancer); anti Hu (ANNA-1)(encephalomyelitis, PCD, sensory neuronopathy) (small cell lung and other CA); anti Ri (ANNA 2) (PCD, brainstem encephalitis; paraneoplastic opsoclonus/myoclonus)(breast, gyne and small cell CA);anti CV2/CRMP (encephalomyelitis, PCD, chorea, PN, uveitis)(small cell lung, thymoma, others); anti MA protein (limbic, hypothalamic, brainstem encephalitis, infrequently PCD)( testicular, lung and other cancers); antiamphiphysin (stiff person s, encephalomyelitis, PCD) (breast and small cell) CHART is FROM NEJM 2007; 356:612-620. MORE Tumors with anti Yo antibodies express Yo antigen which is a cytoplasmic protein called CDR2 that interacts with c-Myc. It is expressed in the Purkinje cells of the cerebellum and the large neurons of the brainstem. It sequesters c Myc and downregulates; disruption with antibodies may increase c Myc activity leading to apoptosis (although the T cell immune response may also be important).

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