Friday, December 05, 2008

Chronic headaches notes

Case records of MGH nov 20 2008
chronic headaches, negative studies except dural enahncements. Pachymeningitis unlikely to be doe to Wegener's (which is ordinarily the most common cause) due to lack of pulmonary extran CNS signs and because of negative ANCA.

Sarcoid, Churg Strauss considered unlikely (former, no pulmonary findings, latter, normak eosiniphil count). RA has rare meningeal inflammation but this patient lacked arthritis even though RF positive. Sjogren's with dry mouth and eye irritation was considered, but Ro & La antibodies were negative as was a lip biopsy. Sjogren's does not explain pachymeningitis, DI, HA's or jaw claudication.

GCA is consistent with unrelenting headache, myalgia and weakness, PMR< pain in jaw with chewing (is specific but occurs only in 1/3 of patients with disease).

GCA was diagnosed by TA biopsy. Steroids were started with concomitant Calcium, Vitamin D, orla biphosphonate, and antiplatelet therapy, and eventually CPAP for sleep apnea associated with weight gain due to prednisone. They also gave trimethoprim to prevent PCP and PPI's.

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