Friday, June 05, 2009

GAD 65 autoimmunity in PSP mimics

Article with reply by Mayo group in Neurology 1009 June. Original case was a 54 year old woman with supranuclear gaze plasy and parkinsonism mimicking PSP. There were stiff man like symptoms and strong GAD65 positivity. PSP was excluded in part by prominent early upgaze palsy, and startle induced spasms typical of SMS, and video ENG findings of a fatiguing pattern of saccade initiation with repetive saccades. The Mayo report (Pittock SJ, Mayo Clin Proc 2006) presented with brainstem, eps and spinal cord syndromes and were initially misdiagnosed as PSP or MSA. Pittock's group also reported OCB in CSF and improvement with prompt initiation of immunotherapy.

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