Saturday, July 24, 2010

Coin rotation test validation

Hill BD et al. The Neurologist. 2010; 16: 249-253
Authors validate a longstanding easy test for fine motor processing used for decades at LSU in 86 normals.  Task consists of counting number of 180 degree rotations of a quarter in ten seconds by the dominant and nondominant hands.  A correction for drops is used, but not that important.  Task is to rotate a quarter using thumb and fingers one and two in ten seconds with an examiner using a timer and counting.  If the coin is dropped, the subject gets another ten seconds.  The adjusted score is the number of rotations in ten seconds minus (0.1 x rotations x drops).  Traditionally, LSU has used a cut score of ten to indicate impairment.  Authors believe a cut score (for both hands) of 13 is better, with increased sensitivity and some loss of specificity.

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