Sunday, September 19, 2010

Treating constipation in Parkinson's disease, and urinary problems

Regimen suggested in Neurology 72:21:2009 S4 pp S80-81.
Management consists of dietary changes, exercises and pharmacotherapy.
1.  Dietary changes-- Increase bulk, and soften stool.  Drink 6-8 glasses of water per day.  Increase fiber, decrease baked goods.  @ meals should have high fiber raw vegetables.  Oat bran can be used.  Exercise, including walking, is encouraged. 
If stools remain hard, docusate, or lactulose 10-20 grams per day can be used.  Miraelx (otc) can be used.  Patients should be educated about possibble delayed onset and reminded to do the things in paragraph one above. 
Third line is milk of magnesia and other laxatives or enemas.  Apomorphine rescue therapy can be used. 
Nocturia is earliest problem, then urgency, frequency and hesitancy.  Consider detrusor hyperreflexia v. incomplete/delayed relaxation of the pelvic floor.  Supine hypertension can also cause pressure natriuresis.  Incomplete emptying can be an "off" symptom. UTI should be considered if any change occurs in symptoms. 
Avoid nighttime water drinking.  Try Detrol or Ditropan.  Midodrine can worsen symptoms due to increasing sphincter tone.  Diazepan, baclofen or dantrolene can be used to relax sphincter tone occassionally. 

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