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Fwd: Secondary causes of pseudotumor cerebri syndrome

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Subj: Secondary causes of pseudotumore cerebri syndrome

(from Neurology, 2013; 81:1159-1165
cerebrovenous abnormalities:
cerebral venous thrombosis (CVT)
bilateral jugular thrombosis or surgical ligation
middle ear or mastoid infection
increased right heart pressure
superior vena cava syndrome
AV fistulas
hypercoagulable states
Medications and exposures:
Antibiotics: tetracycline, minocycline, doxycycline, nalidixic acid, sulfa drugs
Vitamin A and retinoids
hypervitaminosis A, isotretinoin, all trans retinoic acid for PML, excessive liver ingestion
Hormones:  HGH, thyroxine (in children), leuprorelin acetate, levonorgestrel (Norplant), anabolic steroids
Withdrawal from chronic corticosteroids
Medical conditions
Endocrine:  Addisons, hypoparathyroidism
hypercapnia-- sleep apnea, Pickwickian syndrome
Renal failure
Turner syndrome
Down syndrome

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