Sunday, January 03, 2016

Scurvy and Neurologic disease

Meisal K, Daggubati S,Josephson SA. .  Scurvy in the 21st century?  Vitamin C deficiency presenting to the neurologist.  Neurol Clin Prac 2015; 5:491-493.
Authors present a series of cases with vitamin C deficiency and review some of the neuro manifestations and non neuro manifestations, ; the former are not widely known. 
Patients with deficiency were caused by various other causes,including autism, poor status without access to produce, usually rural, were not alcohol users, had measurable low vitamin C levels.  Gingival hyperplasia, rash and bleeding were non neurologic manifestations. People bruised,especially on their thighs, Some had other nutritional diseases..  Pain, achiness and weight loss are expected.
Neuro manifestations included positional tremor, neuralgias100 %), focal weakness (50 %)  including footdrop and scapular winging, normal MRI's, long tract signs including hyperreflexia and plantar extensors, fatigue, trouble concentrating, headache, anxiety, and imbalance.
Patients recovered dramatically with treatment.

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