Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Steroid sparing therapy in neurosarcoidosis

Neurology 2016; 13:87:2517 Uncontrolled study of 40 patients with neurosarcoidosis, both central and peripheral nerve.  32 got MTX 20 mg per week, 14 got mycophenolate (MMF) at 2 grams per day (median) 6 had both drugs successively.  In MTX group, 15/32 (46 percent) relapsed v. 11/14 (79 %) in MMF group.  Median survival without relapse was 28 months in MTX group, 11 month in MMF group.  Of note steroid dose at initiation was 40 mg po daily in MTX group, and 20 mg in MMF group, a potential confound.  Both groups had high rates of relapse and better steroid sparing drugs are needed.

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