Saturday, July 29, 2006

ADEM in pediatrics

ADEM A Long term followup study of 84 pediatric patients.

Argentinian series of patients admitted to the National Hospital. Preceding illnesses occurred in 74 %: 35 % nonspecific RTI 12 % immunization , 11 % GI illness, rest nonspecific febrile,varicella, HSVE, mumps, rubells or undefined.

Age at onset was 5.3 years +/- 3.8 years with a male predominance. The presentation was usually hemiparesis (76 %) with unilateral or bilateral long tract signs (85 %0 and mental status changes (69%). None had oligoclonal banding. High dose coricosteroids use was associated with a good recovery and minimal/no disability. 90 % were monophasic, 10 % were biphasic. Disability was often based on optic nerve involvement at presentation.

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