Monday, July 10, 2006

Superfical siderosis

Neurology 2006 66:1144-1152 Superficial siderosis by Kumar N et al.

I love when Neurology returns to its roots and has a first class descriptive article of a clinical entity. Superficial siderosis is something that I don't think of first, but should in patients with hearing loss and long tract signs, including gait ataxia. A history of SAH, trauma or prior neurosurgical procedure was fairly rare. CSH may show xanthochromia or RBC's ( I remember as an intern at Iowa when we centrifuged the fresh CSF on the unit to differentiate a traumatic tap from xanthochromia. I wonder-- do they still do that?).). Dynamic CT myelo is suggested to localize a sac (14 of 24 cases) and direct therapeutic laminectomy Diagnosis is by MRI which shows siderosis is Sylvian fissures, cerebral convexities and interhemispheric fissure. Cerebellar atrophy and siderosis of pial surface of the spinal cord in almost all cases. Also, is seen in the roots of the cauda equina. Dural leak is also seen. Only one spinal AV fistula was seen.

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