Monday, October 06, 2008

Photic seizures

"Pokemon incident" showed alternating red and blue light each for 12 hz caused seizures in japanese kids. 1 seizure per 10000 kids watching (as opposed to 1-3 % photosensitive) but more have sensitivity to other stimuli. Most such kids had no knowledge they had prior seizures. More females by percentage but more males by number, more young, usually generalized but sometimes focal. Brightness, esp over 100 lux; flash rate over 5-30, must go on for more than a half second and fill at least half the field, colors red flashing are the worst (advise blue sunglasses); especially moving vertical bars (stripes), and viewer factors such as covering an eye, tired, meds, exposure time. More TV seizures in Europe because there is higher flicker rate in Europe.

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