Monday, April 25, 2011

Delayed cerebral thrombosis after initial good recovery from pc meningitis

Schut ES, Brouwer MC, de Gan J, Florquin S, et al.  Neurology 2009; 73: 1988-1995.

Dutch authors have small case series of patients who recovered apparently from meningitis then developed stroke on a delayed basis 2-3 weeks after recovery.  6 patients, including 5 males 30-73 got dexamethasone for pneumococcal meningitis.  After 7-19 days  patients suddenly deteriorated with headache, fever, loss of consciousness, brainstem signs and had thalamic or brainstem strokes in penetrating artery territory.  LP's were sterile. 
In discussion, authors note they surveyed a similar population in the predexamethasone days and found no delayed strokes.  Authors speculate that withdrawing corticosteroids may be compromising and suggest reinstating high dose steroids in these patients, as well repeating LP promptly, treating with antibiotics again, and checking for endocarditis.

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