Thursday, December 28, 2006

Psychotropic effects of New AED's

Ettinger a. Neurology 2006;67: 1916-1925. Review paper. Random notes

1. aberrant/aggressive behavior noted in children and patients with developmental disorders. 2. Ineffective for BPAD 3. It does help behaviors in institutionalized patients with AD 4. Useful in epileptic patients with anxiety

Lamotrigine-- 1. It does help mood in depressed patients with epilepsy. 2. Effective in controlling impulsive aggression in one study.

Leviteracetam-- 1. Causes depression or anxiety in up to 15 % of those treated, especially those with preexisting disorders that are exacerbated with the drug. 2. Reversible psychotic symptoms occur in children treated. 3. May be ameliorated with pyridoxine. 4. Tested for treatment of mania and social anxiety syndrome

oxcarbazepine-- too limited information to make conclusions.

pregabalin--similar to gabapentin. Useful for epilepsy patients with anxiety.

topiramate-- related to psychomotor slowing. Used in bPAD for weight reducing side effect. Not proven efffective in BPAD. May be effective for anger/aggression in those with borderline personalities. Other side effects in 1-2 % of patients (7 % of kids) are psychotic symptoms, agitation, aggression, hallucinations, auditory and visual, paranoid and mystical delusions. Does not stabilize moods.

tiagabine-- possibly anxiolytic but not a mood stabilizer.

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