Sunday, May 13, 2012

History and physical exam pearls of TA biopsy

Headache pearls
1.  Headache can be ANY phenotype, mimic cluster, icepick HA, stabbing headache or other
2. may be dull and boring with lancinating pain, and associated scalp tenderness
3.  Worse with cool temperature
4. May be intermittent
5.  High dose steroids, TA biopsy and vision loss may all improve headache pain

TA exam pearls
1.  Beading
2.  Prominence
3.  Tenderness
4. Pulselessness
5. Erythema over artery

Clinical associated findings/pearls
1.  Fever
2.  Asthenia
3. Arthralgias/synovitis
4. myalgias
5.  weight loss
6.  cough
7.  mental status changes-delusions, depression, memory impairments, dementia

Ischemic complications
1.  jaw claudication
2.  Scalp necrosis
3.   tongue necrosis
4.  sore throat
5.  hoarseness
6.  stroke or TIA
7.  Angina or MI
8.  Upper limb claudication or pain

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