Sunday, May 13, 2012

Low pressure headaches - pearls

1.  aka SIH, or spontaneous intracranial hypotension/ spontaenous CSF leak

2.  Diagnostic criteria (journal Headache, 2011) :  a. orthostatic headache  b.  no recent dural puncture  c. not attributable to another disorder  and d.  at least one of the following: (1) low OP < 60 mm H20  (2) sustained improvement after epidural blood patches   (3) demonstrated active leak  (4) cranial MRI showing brain sagging or pachymeningeal enhancement

3.  Clinical pearl:  MRI without contrast can lead to false diagnosis of Chiari malformation and repair of which will not help.

4.  Headaches can be frontal/occipital/holocephalic/ cervical interscapular/ nonorthostatic or lingering nonorthostatic before or after orthostatic/ thunderclap headache/ cough headache/ second half of the day headache/ acephalgic forms

5. May require multiple blood patches to fix

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