Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Brain injury in organized sports

Mendez MF. The neuropsychiatric aspects of boxing. Int J Neuropsychiatry Med 25: 249-262, 1995.

Stewart WF, Gordon B, Selnes O. et al. Prospective study of central nervous system function in amateur boxers in the United States. Am. J Epidem 139;573-588, 1994. Bouts fought before 1984 when safety measures were instituted were correlated with neuropsychological impairments.

Abnormalities in sustained attention and visuomotor speed with absent normal practice effects. Preseason baseline assessment by SLAM model is becoming gold standard for concussion assessment and management.
Sideline assessment use SAC,a 5-10 minite measure (McCrea et al, 1996).

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