Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Pearls on melatonin and sleep timing Moore

from AAN meeting talks
1. Proposes wakefulness is divided into waking and "default" resting mode with absolutely reliable activation of certain parts of brain during default wakefulness. We do not know what activates the :"default network"
2. Circadian timing is regulated by suprachiasmatic nucleus which inhibits sleep,without which you get random sleep patterns.
3. Retinohypothalamic tract from retina from specific ganglion cells in the photoreceptors that entrain circadian rhythims. They go to SCN via old photopigment called melanopsin with glutamate.
4. VLPO or homestatic drive inhibits ARAS by accumulating NREM sleep via accumulating substances, adenosine and others.
5. So circadian and homestatic drive mechanisms both act on activating activity and regulate sleep.

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