Thursday, November 26, 2009

Provocative sensory tests pearls

1. Demyer advocates performing position sense tests with the fourth rather than the first digit for greater sensitivity.

2. Pallanesthesia refers to vibratory testing.

3. The directional scratch test on the dorsum of the palm and leg may be superior to other tests of vibratory or position sense (Hankey and Edis, JNNP, 1989). Scratch a line across 2 cm and ask patient if scratch was up or down. If unable to perform accurately (ie, 100 %), repeat with distance systematically increased to make the test quantitative.

4. Two point discrimation with a paper clip can be done touching the patient with one or both ends of the paper clip and asking if patient got one or more than touch. Thresholds for normal two point discrimination in patients more than 7 years old, 2-4 mm on fingertips, 4-6 mm on dorsum of fingers, 8-12 mm on palms, 20-30 mm on dorsum of hands,

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