Thursday, November 26, 2009

some physical exam tests for conversion disorder

1. Pseudoptosis v. real ptosis. In pseudoptosis, the orbicularis eyebrow brings the eyebrow down. In real ptosis, the frontalis brings the eyebrow up.

2 Hysterical dysphonia. The vocal cords are normal during larygoscopy, cough is normal, articulation in whisper is normal.

3. Monrad Krohn's cough test for hysterical monoparesis. Stands behind patient, grab both lattismus dorsi,ask patient to cough, lats contract prove integrity of brachial plexus.

4. Double crossed arm pull test for hysterical monoparesis. Grab patient's wrists which are crossed across his chest and tell him, "when I say now, pull back as hard as you can." He may pull both sides.

5. "Make a fist " test for psychogenic wrist drop. Wrist elevates with a fist (functional position) or with holding a pencil in posiition.

6. Reversed hands test for functional monoparesis. Interlock hands, ask patient to move finger pointed to.

7. Backward displacement test for psychogenic foot drop. Push patient backwards and see anterior tib dorsiflexors spring into action.

8. Hoover test.One hand under each heel. Ask patient to raise the good leg, and the other one will inadvertently push down in functional patient. If ask patient to push down with both legs, if organically paralyzed he won't if hysterical he might.

9.Raimiste's leg abduction/adduction test for hysterical weakness. Similar to Hoover test for abduction and adduction of legs.

10. Psychogenic visual field deficit with tubular vision, same deficit for near and far Similar, spiral visual field defect may occur with smalllr field with each trial.

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